Love is an adventure of heart, mind and spirit where two individuals are drawn to journey together on a noble quest for personal evolution, authentic self-expression and blissful union.


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Santuario Avalon, Calle Allende 28-B, San Jose, 62520 Tepoztlán, Mor., México

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To connect and become one with our heart, with our beloved and with all that is our world is something that each of us longs for. Though this longing to burns deep many couples lack the time, the tools and even the consciousness to rise in love and transform their relationship into a truly spiritual and profoundly intimate experience.

We invite you to put aside the cares and responsibilities of the world and immerse yourselves in a wonderful journey of complicit souls. Over the course of the retreat you and your beloved will be initiated into the core Tantric concepts, practices and rituals that can lead you both to higher states of consciousness and love, and bring sacredness and depth to your sexual, emotional and spiritual expression.

Together we will create a program specific to your individual and couple’s needs drawn from our extensive personal and professional experience. The teachings and practices we offer are based on wide range of scientific, therapeutic and spiritual practices that will create an experience for the two of you that will inspire you to communicate more authentically, share more freely, connect more intimately and love more fully than ever before.

Depending on your needs the retreat can include:

• Individual and couple interviews and assessments

• Relationship guidance from a traditioanl Tantric perspective

• Talks on love, sex, relationship and conscious evolution

• An exploration of attraction, desire and the Siva/Shakti principle

• Love-making as a healing and spiritual practice

• Tantric rituals and how to use them

• Practices to develop greater awareness, trust, deep listening and communication skills

• Techniques to resolve physical, emotional and mental blockages related to sexuality and intimacy (frigidity, premature ejaculation, orgasmic dysfunction, lack of sexual vitality, sex addiction, etc.)

• Working with sexual energy

• Harnessing the power of the breath

• Tantric body work (Kama Marmas, Yoni/Lingam Massage…)

• Yogic techniques, asanas, pranayama and mantras

• Meditation & Concentration practices

• Cacao Tantra Blessing Ritual & Fire ceremony (included in every retreat)

• personalized program to continue with when you return home

• One or more follow up talks on Skype (depending on the length of the retreat chosen)

** We are open to exploring with you other ideas that you may have to enhance your experience! Due to the intimate and personalized nature of the retreats we limit participation to 3 couples at a time. All teachings, practices, rituals and related retreat materials are included in the cost.

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  • 7 days -6 nights -just retreat

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