The deep renewal retreat has been created to offer you a full hollistic approach to your wellbeing.


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Santuario Avalon, Calle Allende 28-B, San Jose, 62520 Tepoztlán, Mor., México

Acerca del retiro

What we offer at Santuario Avalon will go beyond juice-detox programs available elsewhere; the care and love we put into the space, the treatments and your process is integrated in an all-encompassing program that is designed take care of your mind, body and your soul with nurturing and compassion. This requires for you to commit to ingesting only fruits and vegetables during the time of your stay, to allow the máximum benefits of what a detox is supposed to do: to cleanse and release toxins from your body in a healthy and safe way.

The deep renewal retreat is based on the science of nutrition, or Trophology, one of Cristina’s specialties, and consists of 4-5 natural juices every day prepared with fresh local organic* produce formulated to clean the blood and boost your inmune system, fruits and salads complement the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

After the process of detoxification (3 to 5 days) the blood system gets purer and every cell in the body starts to get nourished, therefore a seven-day retreat is ideal, but in case you cannot invest that much time and effort we also offer a 2 night introduction to the deep renewal retreat. If you are looking for a longer program write us directly to send you the information, you need to have done the introduction to the deep renewal retreat so you can go into this program for longer than 7 days (21 days max).

You will participate in our yoga and meditation clases everyday. You will attend important lectures on nutrition consciousness and yogic cleanses and practices that will help you sustain a healhy and holistice lifestyle; however, we recommend that you cut off all sources of caffeine, tobacco and sugar at least one week before scheduling a program to facilitate the purification process.

* the fruit available is seasonal

The program includes:

• Accomodation

• Breakfast, lunch, dinner

• trophology consultation & interview (wheight, pressure, iridology, etc)

• an ayurvedic (lymphatic) massage (number of sessions depending on lenght of stay)

• meditation

• yoga (Hatha, Ashtanga, Shakti Naam or laughter yoga avail)

• full trophologic diet (4-5 juices daily, fruits & salads)

• Fire ceremony

• Lectures on spiritual nutrition & eating consciousness

• Lectures and practices of ancient yogic cleanse techniques (kriyas) and tools to perform them

• Free wifi

• parking in premises

• Kambo treatments for deeper cleanse, optional (available only for the 7 day retreats)-

* Harmonyum Healing, Reiki, Theta healing consultations, Aguahara treatments, Temazcal (sweatlodge), Kambo sessions, and acupunture could be arranged for an extra cost.

Benefits of yogic and detox cleanse:

• Greater vitality and more consistent energy

• Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients

• Better elimination and bowel health

• Improvement in fertility (men and women)

• Relief from chronic skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis and acne

• Hormonal balance – to help alleviate PMS, blood sugar imbalances and mood swings

• Weight loss and enhanced metabolic function

• Heightened immune system

• Greater emotional / mental well-being and happiness

• A sense of spiritual unfoldment

• Experience a life free from pain and ill-health

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  • 2 nights - 3 days
  • 6 nights - 3 days

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