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From the short age of 15, Cristina began her yoga practice with her father at  Centro Asturiano in Mexico City. The Spiritual growth through a search for Divinity leads her to try different forms and styles of yoga and meditation. In 2010 she decided to take her first certification as a yoga teacher (Yoga Works), which had a profound effect on her practice and inner connection.


From then on, the spiritual search becomes more important in her life and she decides to devote herself completely to spirituality, healing and art through poetry and photography.


Cristina completes the training in tantric yoga Hridaya Yoga, known as the Yoga of the Spiritual Heart in 2012 under the direction of her Teacher Sahajananda in Mazunte, Oaxaca, Mexico. This training enables her to lead silent meditation retreats, meditation classes of different traditions, as well as Hridaya's Hatha Yoga.

At the same time, she began a deep need to work on energy healing topics, so in 2014 she received her initiation as a practitioner of Harmonyum Healing I-II, later Harmonyum III and in 2016 she completed the advanced level. In 2015 she takes the certification as a ThetaHealing practitioner, where she deepens with her own intuition to serve and help other people, and in 2016 she certifies as a Trofology practitioner "the science of food" where through a plant-based diet she can apply treatments to people without the need of medicines.

In 2015 she completed his Naam Yoga teacher certification and in 2016 she completed level 2, at the Naam Center under the instructions of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. This course enables her to lead classes in Shakti Naam, a deep understanding of the use of mantras, mudras and kabbalah.

She has directed numerous courses and retreats in Mexico and Canada. Her devotion and love of the Divine has led her to live her life and relationships through the Sacred, aspect that she knows how to share and contribute to her classes. She is currently residing in Tepoztlán at the Holistic Center Avalon Sanctuary, where she and his partner Martin Kalki Neufeld work tantra and healing with couples and individuals.


Tantric educator, meditation & yoga teacher, relationship councelor and abundance coach, Kalki has been on the healing and spiritual path for over 30 years. Canadian by birth he has lived and studied in the UK, France, USA, India, Thailand and Mexico where he has received indepth training, initiations and guidance from diverse spiritual masters and mentors. His heart based practices and teachings draw from various spiritual traditions: Tantric, Suifi, Gnostic and Doaist amoung others.


His natural ability as an empath, his training and extensive experience as a intuitive healing guide has allowed him to effectively integrate various healing modalities to facilitate deep and lasting change in his clients. Creator of Agape Intuitive Healing Arts, a psycho-spiritual self healing system based on focused intention, theta visioning and the transformative power of the compassionate heart.

Author of the award winning book ‘Hugging Life’, as well as a recepient of the YMCA Canada Medal of Peace; honouring his service to society as a pioneer of the ‘Free Hugs’ movement Kalki has dedicated the past 20 years of his life to exploring the mysteries of the spiritual heart and the depth of stillness that lies within.

Santuario Avalon, the holistic and tantric retreat center in Tepoztlan, Mexico is the home that he shares with his spiritual and creative partner, Cristina Espinosa where they teach classes and guide workshops and retreats. He is presently writing his second book on the practice of living joy.

Certified: Agama Yoga Instructor, Agama Tantra Instructor, Hridaya Meditation & Yoga Teacher, and Master practitioner and instructor in Agape Intuitive Healing, Thetahealing, NLP, Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Visioning and Reiki. Individual, couple or group teaching, coaching and counceling are availalble on demand.

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